Eric Boggs


Favorite Buckeyes

Ryan Miller & A.J. Hawk

Favorite Moment

Holy Buckeye

My Ohio State Story

I grew up a child of a Bucknut. My earliest memories have always revolved around sports, one of which was watching the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday’s. In 1992, my cousin Ryan Miller, became a Buckeye after being recruited by coach John Cooper. A magical part of growing up for me consisted of yearly visits to the Horseshoe and getting behind the scenes access of the program I grew to love. I was fully baptized into a lifelong fandom of being a Bucknut when at the conclusion of the 1996 season, during my cousin’s senior season, Ohio State defeated Arizona State 20-17 in the 1997 Rose Bowl. From that moment on, my love for the Buckeyes has evolved into a life long dedication.

My OHIO Podcast Story

I discovered Ohio State podcasts around 2014 and started listening to them on my commute to and from work. After listening for several years, I began contemplating starting my own. Sports talk radio has always been a huge part of my fandom experience, and since podcasting is a much easier medium for someone to enter into than the radio business, I started planning on how I would begin this venture in 2018. After making a post on my Facebook page, The OHIO Podcast was born in March of 2019 with my co-host Aaron Brown. All these years later, we have gone from just family members listening to a full fledged community of dedicated Buckeye fans who tune in every day to watch our videos and now read our articles right here on our website.