The Ohio State football team managed to secure the commitment of Australian punting sensation Nick McLarty, adding yet another dynamic player to their already stacked roster for the 2024 season. The Buckeyes, in need of a punter following the departure of former Aussie punter Jesse Mirco, found the perfect replacement in the 6’7″, 255 lb. powerhouse from Down Under.

McLarty’s journey to Ohio State is as unique as his skill set. Trained by former NFL punter Darren Bennett, McLarty brings a level of expertise and experience that is sure to make a significant impact on the Buckeyes’ special teams. Despite his impressive size, resembling more of an NFL tight end than a traditional punter, McLarty possesses a remarkable ability to punt a football incredibly far.

Rumors are circulating about McLarty’s astonishing capability to punt a football over 90 yards, showcasing a level of power that few punters can match. This skill not only adds a new dimension to Ohio State’s special teams but also sets the stage for potential game-changing moments during crucial situations.

The Australian punter spent the majority of his youth playing Australian Rules Football, a sport known for its physicality and skill requirements, especially in the realm of kicking. McLarty’s background in rugby has undoubtedly contributed to his exceptional punting abilities, setting him apart as a rare talent in the college football landscape.

Ohio State’s tradition of recruiting Australian punters has proven successful in the past, with Cameron Johnston playing a key role in the team’s National Championship victory in 2014. Now, McLarity follows in Johnston’s footsteps, bringing his own set of skills and flair to the Buckeyes’ special teams unit.

The Australian punter spent three days in Columbus, Ohio, observing the team’s opening spring practices. Apparently, the experience left a lasting impression on McLarty, who promptly decided that Ohio State was the ideal fit for him. The allure of joining a program with a rich history and a commitment to excellence, coupled with the opportunity to contribute to a team aiming for championship glory, played a pivotal role in McLarty’s decision.

McLarty returned to Australia on Friday and is planning on joining the team and enroll in class at Ohio State this summer.