Ohio State’s second day of summer camp introduced the world Darius Gray. All eyes at first were on defensive lineman Jahkeem Stewart. Stewart often outperforms the majority of offensive linemen he encounters. This is evident both in games and in camp settings, where the absence of pads and jerseys gives defensive linemen like Stewart an edge. Offensive linemen find it harder to grab hold of them.

At Ohio State’s high school football camp on Thursday, Stewart faced four-star 2026 offensive guard Darius Gray. Given Stewart’s three-inch height advantage and superior reach, it seemed like it would be a routine matchup for the nation’s No. 1 defensive lineman. However, during their pass rush one-on-ones, Gray won most of the matchups. When he blocked Stewart on their final rep, the crowd erupted in cheers.

“It’s definitely a confidence booster. Everyone trains to be number one, so going against the top player feels great. It shows you’re ready for the challenge you’ve worked hard for. Ohio State has a great reputation with many draft picks. Getting an offer from them would mean the world to me. My goal is not just to play college football or make it to the NFL, but to become a Hall of Famer. Ohio State can give me the chance to reach the NFL, which is my ultimate aim. I love the campus and, most importantly, the coaches. They coach hard, and I appreciate that. They told me exactly what I need to do to improve. I really like everything about Coach Frye. This is only my second visit, so we are still building our relationship. But he showed me how he works with his players, and I felt like I improved a lot today.”

Darius Gray quote per Eleven Warriors.

Gray received a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes following the conclusion of the camp.

Gray, ranked 56th overall and No. 3 among interior offensive linemen in the 2026 class, has impressive credentials himself. The 6-3, 290-pound prospect from St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia, has big goals for his football career and believes Ohio State could help him achieve them.

Thursday was Gray’s second visit to Ohio State’s campus; he had an unofficial visit in March 2023.

While Gray values professional development, the top factors in his college decision are the chemistry with coaches and teammates, and a pathway to stay involved in football after playing, either as a commentator or a coach.

“Family atmosphere is the most important thing. I need to trust that coaches and players will support me as much as I support them. I want to major in sports communication and be a broadcaster or coach when I’m done playing. Ohio State is great in sports communication.”

Darius Gray quote per Eleven Warriors

Gray’s standout performance at Ohio State’s camp shows that his dreams are within reach.