As the Ohio State football team gears up for spring practice, Buckeyes fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of several intriguing storylines that could shape the team’s future. From quarterback battles to a possible revamped offensive line, the upcoming practices promise excitement and anticipation. Let’s delve into five key storylines to keep an eye on this spring.

  1. The Starting Quarterback Battle:

The battle for the starting quarterback position at Ohio State is set to be one of the most closely watched competitions this spring. Devin Brown, who had a taste of the starting role in the Cotton Bowl after an injury to Kyle McCord, now faces another challenge against transfer quarterback Will Howard. Brown, who lost out to McCord last season, aims to prove his mettle and secure the coveted starting position. The Cotton Bowl loss to Missouri was a setback, but Brown has an opportunity for redemption and a chance to showcase his potential.

Will Howard, a transfer from Kansas State, brings a commendable record and awards from his time with the Wildcats. His experience and accolades make him a formidable contender. The duel between Brown and Howard for the starting quarterback role will undoubtedly be a focal point of spring practice.

While many believe Howard is the guarenteed starter, Brown let everyone know in his interview with the media on Monday, that he isn’t backing down.

  1. O-Line Overhaul:

The performance of the offensive line is crucial to the success of any football team, and Ohio State’s offensive line is no exception. The Buckeyes face questions about the starting lineup, particularly at left tackle and right tackle positions. Can Jimmy Simmons solidify his position at left tackle after a lackluster 2023 season? Alabama transfer Seth McLaughlin brings valuable experience and expertise to the line, having started for the Crimson Tide for the past two seasons.

The competition for the right tackle position intensifies between redshirt freshman Luke Montgomery and redshirt sophomore Tegra Tshabola. With Josh Fryar moving to the right guard spot, a crucial vacancy is up for grabs. The battle for starting positions on the offensive line will be closely monitored during spring practice.

  1. Sonny Styles and C.J. Hicks: Defensive Shift?

One storyline that adds an extra layer of intrigue is the potential position change for Sonny Styles. If Styles transitions to linebacker, how will it impact former five-star recruit C.J. Hicks, entering his third season with the program? The developments in their positions and performance during spring practice will shape the Buckeyes’ defensive strategy for the upcoming season.

  1. Caleb Downs’ Quick Adaptation:

The arrival of five-star transfer sensation Caleb Downs adds excitement to the Buckeyes’ defense. Having led the Alabama Crimson Tide in tackles as a true freshman, Downs is expected to quickly acclimate to Ohio State’s team and defensive scheme. His ability to seamlessly integrate into the system will be closely observed as the Buckeyes aim to strengthen their defense.

  1. Future Quarterback Battle:

Ohio State secured two sensational quarterback recruits in the 2024 class with Air Noland and Julian Sayin. Sayin, a transfer from Alabama following Nick Saban’s retirement, joins Noland in competing for the future starting quarterback position. If Will Howard wins the starting role, it opens the door for a potential quarterback battle in 2025, with Noland and Sayin already positioning themselves as contenders for the coveted spot.

As Ohio State football kicks off spring practice, the Buckeyes’ faithful are poised for an exciting period of evaluation and anticipation. The battles for starting positions, defensive shifts, and the emergence of new talent set the stage for a compelling season ahead. Stay tuned for updates on these five key storylines and others as the Buckeyes prepare for another competitive campaign on the gridiron.