The Ohio State Buckeyes have consistently been among the most financially successful universities in the nation, largely due to the impressive revenue generated by their athletic department, particularly the football program. Annually, Ohio State’s football program ranks either first or second in revenue generation nationally.

In the past fiscal year, Ohio State wasn’t the only Big Ten program experiencing financial success. The entire conference reported an impressive $880 million in revenue for the 2023 fiscal year, benefiting all member institutions. Notably, this financial success was not primarily due to the new TV deal with NBC, CBS, and FOX, which will become a significant revenue booster in the upcoming seasons. This lucrative deal is a key reason for the addition of four new teams to the conference.

The Big Ten has now surpassed the SEC as the wealthiest conference, a development that bodes well for future investments in football programs and NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals. With the full implementation of the new TV contract this season, the conference’s financial prospects look even brighter.

For Ohio State supporters, this news underscores the university’s already strong financial position. The Buckeyes did not rely on the new TV deal to achieve substantial revenue, reflecting their established status in the college sports hierarchy. Ohio State’s football program is a significant revenue driver for the Big Ten, alongside other powerhouse programs like Michigan and Penn State. The addition of USC, Washington, and Oregon further enhances the conference’s value.

Overall, the Ohio State Buckeyes’ continued financial success and the Big Ten’s robust revenue growth highlight the influential role these institutions play in shaping the future of college sports.