The landscape of collegiate football is often marked by transitions and changes, as players navigate their athletic careers and seek opportunities aligned with their aspirations. Recently, Ohio State University has found itself amidst a flurry of player movements, as several backups have opted to explore new paths by entering the transfer portal. Enokk Vimahi, Nigel Glover, and Kyion Grayes are among the latest Buckeyes to make this decision, highlighting a broader trend within the team. These departures reflect the evolving landscape of college football recruitment and player mobility, especially among players who do not wish to remain at their current locations filling backup roles.

Enokk Vimahi, a seasoned offensive lineman from Ohio State, has decided to conclude his college football journey with a new team. He recently entered the transfer portal, marking a significant transition in his final season. Vimahi, hailing from Kahuku, Hawaii, initially caught attention as a four-star prospect. In the 2019 class rankings, he was esteemed as the fifth-best offensive guard and held the 119th spot overall according to the 247Sports composite. Opting for Ohio State over prestigious institutions like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington, Vimahi stood out among his peers. Throughout his tenure with Ohio State, spanning five seasons, Vimahi participated in 35 games, even making two starts for the Buckeyes. However, notable among these were the team’s losses to Michigan in 2022 and Missouri in the 2023 Cotton Bowl.

Similarly, Nigel Glover, a linebacker from Ohio State, has set his sights on a new destination in 2024. Following a single year with the Buckeyes, Glover has entered the transfer portal, marking his second school transition. Originally a four-star recruit in the 2023 class, Glover’s journey began at Northwestern before circumstances led him to Ohio State. Despite his move, Glover did not see any game time with the Buckeyes last year. With Ohio State’s coaching staff highlighting other players for potential roles in the upcoming season, Glover, standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 215 pounds, has chosen to seek opportunities elsewhere, drawing upon his four years of eligibility.

Additionally, Kyion Grayes, a wide receiver from Ohio State, has embarked on a quest for a new collegiate home. After two seasons with the Buckeyes, Grayes has entered the transfer portal. Ranked as the 88th prospect overall in the 2022 class, Grayes joins a cohort of departing wide receivers, including Caleb Burton and Kaleb Brown. Despite limited playing time during his tenure at Ohio State, Grayes showed promise, albeit hindered by injury in the 2023 season. His decision to transfer comes amidst a competitive landscape with emerging talents vying for positions on the team. Despite his efforts in Ohio State’s spring game, Grayes departs with minimal statistical achievements, leaving with one catch for two yards. However, armed with three years of eligibility, Grayes anticipates a fresh start at his new school.

The decisions of Vimahi, Glover, and Grayes to transfer from Ohio State reflect a notable trend within the team. Grayes becomes the sixth Buckeye to enter the transfer portal in April alone, joining the ranks of running back Dallan Hayden, safeties Cedrick Hawkins and Ja’Had Carter, offensive lineman Enokk Vimahi, and linebacker Nigel Glover. Hawkins and Hayden have already committed to new institutions, with Hawkins choosing UCF on April 20 and Hayden opting for Colorado on April 22. Carter followed suit by entering the portal on a subsequent Sunday, while Vimahi and Glover made their decisions on Tuesday. These departures open several scholarship positions on the roster, which may be used by aquiring more talent from the portal, or blessing walk-ons with these available scholarships.