Jake Diebler just keeps winning. First he won six of his eight games as the interim head coach. Then the Ohio State University introduced Jake Diebler as its 16th men’s basketball coach today and he won the press conference, radiating enthusiasm and hope for the program’s future.

The event commenced with outgoing Athletic Director Gene Smith extending a warm welcome to all attendees before passing the baton to the incoming Athletic Director Ross Bjork. Bjork, tasked with the arduous responsibility of spearheading the quest for a new coach, provided insights into the meticulous process that led to Diebler’s appointment.

“We laid out a very specific profile about what we envisioned for Ohio State basketball. Passion, energy, create a program identity, a track record of player development, a recruiting machine especially here in the Midwest and the state of Ohio, strong leadership skills that can galvanize Buckeye Nation, someone who understands and can also capitalize in modern-day college athletics. Born to coach, Jake Diebler fits each one of these characteristics and then some.”

Ohio State Athletic Director Ross Bjork

Diebler, who had been serving as interim coach following the departure of Chris Holtmann, took to the podium with a palpable sense of gravity and excitement. After embracing his new boss, Bjork, Diebler paused, soaking in the moment, before delivering a poignant opening statement that resonated deeply with Ohio State basketball aficionados.

“Growing up, you have dreams, and you never fully get to predict if or when those dreams will come true. And so I just want to praise God for being able to live out a dream of mine. This is a dream.”

Ohio State Basketball Head Coach Jake Diebler

Diebler’s words encapsulated the significance of the occasion, emphasizing his profound gratitude for the opportunity to lead the Ohio State basketball program. With tear filled eyes, he declared his unwavering commitment to the Buckeyes, distinguishing himself from those who viewed the position merely as a stepping stone.

How many times have men walked into this program thinking that this could be a stepping stone to their dream job? Not today. Not in Jake Diebler. This is his dream job. And as Buckeye fans, we couldn’t ask for anything more than someone who truly wants to be the head coach of the Ohio State basketball team

Diebler’s impassioned declaration served as a rallying cry for Buckeye faithful, instilling a sense of optimism and unity as the program embarks on a new chapter under his leadership. With his vision, dedication, and unmistakable passion for the game, Diebler stands poised to write the next chapter in the illustrious history of Ohio State basketball. As the Buckeyes forge ahead, fans can rest assured knowing that their team is in the hands of a coach who not only dreams but also believes in making those dreams a reality.

Diebler will coach his first official game as the Ohio State basketball head coach tomorrow evening in the opening round of the NIT Tournament in a home contest against Cornell. The Big Red went 22-7 on the season and finished second in the Ivy League.