In a thrilling showdown on Sunday afternoon, the Ohio State women’s hockey team secured their second national title in three seasons after defeating Wisconsin by a narrow margin of 1-0.

Facing off against the #2 seeded Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio State entered the contest as the top seed. With the memory of previous defeats against their opponents still fresh. Wisconsin had emerged victorious in their last two encounters, including a conference tournament championship match, instilling a sense of confidence on their side of the rink.

However, Ohio State coach Nadine Muzerall was determined to rewrite history and lead her team to victory. The game unfolded as a defensive masterpiece, with both teams unable to break the deadlock in the first two periods. It was not until the third period that freshman Joy Dunne seized the moment, finding the back of the net at the 12:50 mark, scoring the lone goal of the game.

The stellar performance of Ohio State’s senior goalie, Raygan Kirk, cannot be understated. Kirk exhibited exceptional skill and resilience between the pipes, finishing the game with 26 saves and thwarting Wisconsin’s offensive advances while ensuring her team’s victory.

“They (Wisconsin) are a very strong offensive team. That was probably the best D we have played (this season.) I don’t know how many blocked shots we had, but I have to give credit to them (the Buckeye defense) too.”

Goalie Raygan Kirk

Reflecting on the win, Coach Muzerall expressed her elation.

“You have these visions throughout the year, but when it really happens, it seems so surreal. Congrats to the players for all their hard work that they put in throughout the year. Congratulations to Wisconsin. That was one hell of a game and both teams battles really hard. We knew it was going to be a tough challenge because thay have so much offensive power and we focused on their transition side of the game in not giving up odd man rushes and controling the nuetral zone. We did that very well. I was very proud of our defensive side of the game today. I was very proud with how we punched back after a very tough loss against Wisconsin in the conference title. I think it showed a lot of character.”

Head Coach Nadine Muzerall

With this triumph, Ohio State notched its record 36th win of the season, marking the third consecutive season under Coach Muzerall’s leadership that the Buckeyes have achieved 30-plus wins. The victory stands as a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication, resilience, and collective effort, solidifying their status as champions on the national stage.