As Ohio State prepares for the upcoming season, there’s one scenario that’s causing a lot of anxiety for fans. Despite detailed previews, roster evaluations, and schedule analysis, there’s a potential situation that could be a nightmare for the Buckeyes.

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Ohio State has a tough conference schedule. Imagine they lose a close game to the Oregon Ducks, who then go undefeated with a 11-0 record. Even if Ohio State beats Michigan at the end of the year, finishing 11-1 and 8-1 in the Big Ten, there’s a chance that another team could also go 12-0 or 11-1 and keep Ohio State out of the Big Ten Championship. That team? Rutgers.

If Rutgers navigates through tough games against Nebraska, Wisconsin, and USC, they could end up undefeated.

Running the table in the Big Ten is incredibly challenging, requiring a great team and some luck. Rutgers has a soft schedule and could surprise everyone. They avoid playing the traditional and new top four teams in the conference: Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Oregon.

Key Points

  • Rutgers’ schedule is favorable.
  • Avoiding major teams gives them an advantage.
  • Toughest game might be against USC.

If Rutgers finishes 11-1 or 12-0, they could be in the Big Ten title game while Ohio State is on the outside watching once again if they were to lose in Eugene, Oregon and the Ducks run the table. This could drastically change the playoff landscape. Imagine for a moment a College Football Playoff with Rutgers in the top 12?

While it may seem unlikely, the idea of Rutgers rising to the top is something Ohio State shouldn’t ignore. The season will reveal if this nightmare scenario becomes a reality.