In a surprising twist in the college football recruiting world, the Oregon Ducks have recently secured commitments from two highly sought-after recruits who were heavily pursued by Ohio State. This shift marks a significant development in the recruiting landscape, particularly within the Big Ten conference, where Ohio State has traditionally dominated.

Jordon Davison Chooses Oregon Over Ohio State

Nearly one week after his official visit to Ohio State, four-star running back Jordon Davison committed to Oregon, choosing the Ducks over the Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines. Davison’s decision is notable as Ohio State was considered the favorite for months. However, after his visit, Davison and the school opted to head in different directions. Despite this loss, Ohio State’s running back room remains strong with commitments from Bo Jackson and Isaiah West. The Buckeyes are still targeting a three-running back class for 2025, with prospects like Alabama commit Anthony Rogers and Shekai Mills-Knight in their sights.

Dorian Brew Follows Suit, Heading to Oregon

Adding to Oregon’s recruiting success, five-star cornerback Dorian Brew committed to the Ducks, becoming another key player Ohio State was vying for. Brew, who visited Ohio State recently, chose Oregon after a visit on June 14. Despite the loss of Brew, Ohio State’s cornerback situation is solid, with the top two corners in the 2025 class, Devin Sanchez and Na’eem Offord, already committed. The Buckeyes may still seek a third cornerback, potentially looking at high school talent like Dawayne Galloway or exploring options in the transfer portal.

The McNutt Decision Looms

In addition to Davison and Brew, Oregon is also in contention for five-star in-state defensive back Trey McNutt from Shaker Heights High School in Cleveland. McNutt, an Ohio State legacy whose father, Richard, played for the Buckeyes from 1999-2002, is seriously considering the Ducks. His potential commitment to Oregon would be a significant blow to Ohio State, emphasizing the growing competitive edge Oregon holds in recruiting battles.

Why Ohio State Fans Shouldn’t Panic

While these developments are noteworthy, Ohio State fans shouldn’t panic. The Buckeyes continue to attract top-tier talent and have a robust recruiting strategy. In fact, according to 247sports, Ohio State currently has the number-one ranked class in the 2025 cycle up to this point while Oregon sits at fifth. However, it’s clear that Oregon has become a formidable competitor within the Big Ten, particularly due to their ability to leverage NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) opportunities and appeal to the youth culture. Oregon’s recent successes highlight the evolving dynamics of college football recruiting, where traditional powerhouses like Ohio State must now contend with rising programs that offer compelling alternatives to recruits.

While Ohio State remains a strong presence in college football recruiting, the emergence of Oregon as a major player signals a shift in the landscape. The Ducks’ ability to secure top recruits and compete with traditional powerhouses underscores the growing importance of NIL and cultural appeal in today’s recruiting environment. More than ever, the changing times in college football are magnified by the changes in recruiting top high school talent to replenish your roster. It’s a young man’s game where traditional idea and values are not nearly as important to 15, 16, and 17 year old kids who don’t know a world without self promotion on social media. Where likes, follows, and retweets are more important than honor, respect, and loyalty.