Many eyes are focused on the Ohio State offensive line and the numerous position battles taking place there this spring. A season ago, it became evident that the offensive line and its lack of experience were significant concerns for the coaching staff. Fast forward one season, and although there is still much focus being placed on the offensive line, there is a markedly different feel in 2024.

Several position battles are taking place, notably at center, right guard, and right tackle positions. At center, the battle seems to be between transfer Seth McLaughlin and last season’s starter Carson Hinzman. Additionally, a three-man battle is unfolding between Josh Fryar, Luke Montgomery, and Tegra Tshabola for the right guard and right tackle positions.

Head coach Ryan Day commented on the ongoing position battles in his press conference yesterday with the local sports media.

“Today was the first day in pads, so it’s hard to evaluate anything until you get the pads on. We are going to evaluate that right side very hard and very close. I will say that Josh Fryar had one of the best offseasons of anybody in the building. If he can continue to stay in the shape that he is right now, I think he is going to have a really good spring and take the next step. If that is the case, then the big spot will be at right guard. Luke is in there right now, but we have a bunch of guys moving through there.”

Head Coach Ryan Day

Day further mentioned that if Tegra Tshabola makes a push at right tackle, they will be flexible enough to kick Fryar into guard and allow Tshabola to start at right tackle. This would mean that either Hinzman or McLaughlin, whichever one doesn’t win the starting center position, will be joined by Montgomery as a critical depth piece on the second team.

Anyway you slice it, the offensive line looks like it is in better shape than a season ago. Although there is still cause for concern, there are more options, more experience, and more depth on the line than at this time last season.