When Ohio State’s draft eligible juniors started announcing that they would be returning for the 2024 season, expectations started to grow for the next season. Those expectations are not just felt amongst the Ohio State fanbase, but among the players as well, including star cornerback. After the Buckeyes’ second spring practice of the week, Burke met with the media to shed light on his decision to return and those expectations, which he isn’t shying away from.

“Diamonds are built under pressure. We’re not worried about a thing. We trust in our technique, ourselves, our team and our coaches. No excuses, man, we’ve got to win it all. We’ve been trying to preach that every single day.”

Denzel Burke on not shying away from expectations

With a roster boasting numerous returning starters and key additions from the transfer portal, the expectations for Ohio State seem to be nothing short of a national championship. This sentiment is significant for a team that hasn’t clinched victory against their rival or secured a conference crown since Burke’s class set foot on campus.

“I had a 1st, 2nd round grade, but at the end of the day, I had no gold pants, no Big Ten title, no natty. Just being able to come back for my brothers and doing it for the state of Ohio. I’m trying to finish the job this year.”

Denzel Burke on why he chose to come back

Burke’s commitment to the team and the state of Ohio was evident, and the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities undoubtedly played a role in making the decision to return more appealing.

As the Buckeyes gear up for the upcoming season, the weight of expectations looms large. Let the expectations for this team grow. Ohio State may have won the offseason, but now they will need to do it on the field.